Core team Byteminds

  • Anton Permyakov
    CEO, Partner
    Anton has been with the company since its inception, in 2001. Anton began his career in IT as a developer, and later became a head of the company. Personal experience and technical knowledge help Anton to achieve a complete understanding with the team. Colleagues appreciate Anton for his calmness, prudence and ability to create a healthy atmosphere in the team, and customers appreciate his transparency and ability to build trusting relationships.
  • Andrey Stepanov
    CTO, Partner
    Andrey leads the development team, develops technical standards and practices, and mentors team leads. He has been with the company since 2012. During this time, Andrey has accumulated extensive experience in cooperation with international clients, achieved mastery in managing high-load projects and created more than one productive team.
  • Mark Walton
    Founder, Advisor
    Mark is the founder of ByteMinds and co-founder of the British agency Delete. He has business acumen and superior digital and marketing knowledge. Mark plays an important role in the management of the company and is responsible for the development of each individual employee, providing everything necessary for professional growth and prosperity.
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