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In this article, we will take you on a journey through a real-life scenario of implementing advanced tracking and analytics using Kentico Xperience 13 DXP. Whether you are working on a project with Xperience by Kentico or Kentico Xperience 13, the activity tracking principles remain consistent, making this information relevant for both.
We would like to share our experience of integrating Sitecore 9.3 with the Azure AD B2C (Azure Active Directory Business to Consumer) user management system. We will describe how we successfully built a personal account using these technologies, the challenges we encountered, and how we ultimately resolved them.

In this article, we'll dive into practical implementation in your Xperience by Kentico project. We'll guide you through setting up a custom activity type and show you how to log visitor activities effectively.

Since Kentico stands as one of our principal development tools, we believe it would be fitting to address why we opt to work with Kentico and why we allocate substantial time to cultivating our experts in this DXP.
We have put together a set of useful tools inside DevTools that are not very common in QA, but can greatly simplify and speed up your work.

We've prepared the interview where we chat with our own Sitecore MVP Anna Gevel, to explore the journey of mastering Sitecore. In this article we will talk specifically about professional growth of Sitecore developers.
How to stop declining of the performance indicators of your ecommerce website and perform optimising page load performance.
We've collected various findings around decision models and programmable nodes working with Sitecore Personalize.

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