Why is Kentico of such significance to us?

Numerous articles and informative reviews have been composed regarding Kentico, where you can peruse all the advantages of this CMS, as well as its drawbacks. Consequently, we shall abstain from reiterating those insights. However, since Kentico stands as one of our principal development tools, we believe it would be fitting to address why we opt to work with Kentico and why we allocate substantial time to cultivating our experts in this DXP.
Anastasia Medvedeva
Marketing Director at ByteMinds


First and foremost, we wish to underscore the versatility inherent in it. Kentico proves suitable for enterprises of all calibres and stands as one of the premier platforms for fashioning electronic trading platforms. Kentico affords the capability to craft websites in multiple languages and to leverage a plethora of modules and extensions. Furthermore, this platform simplifies website management and facilitates effortless tailoring to the specific requisites of a given enterprise. This constitutes a pivotal factor for us, given that we engage with a diverse array of business sectors – spanning from sports clubs to universities. Consequently, it holds paramount importance for us to possess a tool that we can recommend for adoption by any prospective clientele, ensuring full confidence that the end product shall exhibit exceptional quality.

Extensive Partner Network

Kentico boasts a dedicated programme allowing its partners to expedite market entry. Furthermore, participation in the partnerships programme grants access to comprehensive training, exclusive partnerships discounts, round-the-clock global support, and much more. New Kentico partners are endowed with 24 hours of cost-free access to the consulting team and the expertise of a dedicated account manager. Kentico's consultants will aid in orchestrating your implementation, studying best practices, and addressing all your inquiries. Moreover, a Solutions Architect stands ready to assist in launching your inaugural project.

Kentico's partner network spans over a thousand partners worldwide. The most successful cases reside in the public domain, permitting you to perpetually assimilate novel working methodologies from them and apply them to your own projects. In the course of our work, we occasionally confront intricate tasks that surpass our own expertise. It is precisely in these instances that the partner network comes to our assistance. We firmly believe that it is imperative to possess such a central hub where the correct course to resolving any degree of complexity can be ascertained.
Kentico benefits

Exceptional Support

This point seamlessly segues from the preceding one. Kentico truly excels in offering robust support. Kentico themselves hold the conviction that your success translates to their own success. Consequently, they, like no one else, are interested in you completing your project as correctly and qualitatively as possible using their tool. You may rest assured that you shall receive the expert support you necessitate, irrespective of the hour. The official website hosts an extensive Q&A section, where you can discover answers to the majority of common queries through a user-friendly search feature.

Furthermore, the site encompasses a vast repository of technical documentation, articles, and even hotfixes, from which you can glean an abundance of invaluable insights. And, should you ever find yourself bereft of an answer to your query, the 24/7 support function operates efficaciously and stands poised to provide practical guidance. This constitutes a tremendous boon for us. It holds pivotal importance for us to perceive and acknowledge that the architects of such a potent tool as Kentico genuinely care. Their concern extends to their partners, signifying their profound commitment to our success.
Kentico support


Of course, these represent but a fraction of the advantages associated with partnering with Kentico. There exists an array of technical facets that render Kentico an exceedingly commendable tool to employ. However, a profusion of articles have already expounded upon these aspects. Consequently, we have chosen to centre our attention on what else is of import to us, beyond the realm of technical considerations, when selecting a CMS that we shall endorse to our partners and clients.
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