CMS/DXP Replaforming & upgrades

Most of the Sitecore and Kentico customers will need to upgrade to a newer version. With previous versions, technical support will end soon or has already ended. Running a website on an older version without technical support poses security risks to the business, lack of support and no 7-day bug fixes. Furthermore, they have made many improvements to the new version that can help your business: new marketing features, routing, the latest .NET support, etc.


A free project audit: reviewing the code, CMS and planning the migration path
For re-platform to MVC project: content structure planning
Regression test preparation
Fixing all breaking changes in the new version of Kentico
Re-implementation of features no longer supported in Kentico (for example, output cache, banner management)
Migrating to new Kentico features (for example, tree-based routing or marketing automation)
Content & user migration: automated and manual
Regression & performance testing - migrated version vs the current version
Deployment to staging and production
30-day Warranty for bug fixes
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