Team Augmentation

Dedicated teams are needed when you can't or don't want to spend your own resources on a project. While working with us, you can take on new projects, take the burden off your team and increase profit predictability via a fixed development budget.

We will assign a team of experts to your project within two weeks. We'll solve technical problems, dive deep into business details and take full responsibility for the product or strengthen your development team.

A dedicated team typically consists of a team leader, middle developers, a QA specialist and an account manager / PM. Still, you can also choose the exact team composition that your project needs. To do this, we have several options to choose from.


Transparency of processes and reporting
A dedicated team leader
Competitive cost of services
We promptly help with the evaluation, planning, and sale of projects
We work on a fixed budget. We take risks
14-day free trial period for dedicated teams
Product audit
Unique project team
We take responsibility for development
You can always reach us; we will help in emergencies
Product team
Build your dream team
• Team lead
• Solutions Architect
• 2 Senior developers
• 3 Developers
• Senior QA
• QA
• Senior PM
• Team lead
• Senior Developer
• QA
• PM
Feature team
• Team lead
• Senior Developer
• Developer
• Senior QA
• PM
Epic team
Unlike a typical agency, we normally don't offer one or two specialists for a project.
Here are some example of typical team shapes we offer.

Not sure about the right team shape
for your project?

Day 1
Project manager
We will give you a call to understand your project requirements in detail.
Week 1
CTO, Project manager
Together with our CTO we will help you choose the right team shape for your project.
Week 2
CTO, Project manager & the team
The team starts on your project: we run an onboarding session and start building your product.
Shall we start
It's easy to start working with us. Just fill the brief or call us
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