Custom software and web development

We will take over the planning, development and launch of the product. This is accomplished in an organised fashion because we work on fixed budgets and product launch dates. When a customer's resources aren't enough, we can complete full projects and individual facets of a project. We dive deep into the business and adjust the work to fit the needs of different markets.

As a result, you get a completely finished product designed to meet your business requirements. Upon completion of the project, we'll transfer the product's exclusive ownership rights over to you. After we complete the work, we'll train your staff or pass all product knowledge onto your development team.
Our goal is to make modern and dynamic websites that transport visitors into the life of their favourite products, all while providing new opportunities for commercial activities. If you have a concept, prototype or design for a future website, you can safely transfer all the technical work to us. Our specialisation is the technical implementation (back end/front end development and QA) of websites of any complexity. Moreover, we'll adapt your website to work on different devices - PC, tablets and smartphones.

We can also develop high-load web applications based on microservice architecture that can withstand more than 100,000 visitors daily.
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