Lime Zaim Capital is a fintech organisation founded in 2013

They have offices in Poland, South Africa and Mexico.

Lime Zaim approached us with the task of creating a web service that provides loans to individuals online. The service must instantly assess a borrower's creditworthiness, assign a tariff to the user, transfer money to the linked card, and accept cash for repaying the loan.
It was also required to develop an extensive backoffice system:

- Administrator interface
- Manager interface
- Current financial metrics dashboard
- Data integration with the Central Bank

In April 2014, we launched the first website of the Laim Zaim fintech organisation and later developed and launched similar web services for other countries.

Lime Zaim websites, customers take loans online: around the clock and without visiting the company's office. The online loan service automatically calculates an individual rate depending on the requested amount, loan term and credit history. After approval, the money gets credited to the client's account. Cash transactions are carried out in compliance with the laws of the countries where Lime Zaim operates.
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